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Alle kan spille bowling. Her finner du nyheter, bilder, resultater og annet fra idretten vi er så glade i.


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A couple of steals in his Toolbox, stephen" rel="nofollow">">stephen curry shoes in the first quarter, and the two steals to garage a complete of 106 times inside playoffs career steals, that transcends the rick Barry, became the steals in the history of the warriors team inside playoffs.

Garage into seven three-pointers from the game, this also let the playoff three-pointers hit number up to 261, match the Robert horry, 9th three points in playoff heritage list. Distance comes 8th Chauncey billups, he in addition only six three things.

37 points in only three games, came curry" rel="nofollow">">curry shoes one's, and this is his in 2010, including playoffs) eighth score 35 + sport with three alone, over 7 times of Russell westbrook, top of the league.

So many record the initial world war, there is no doubt that this game can be considered the garage in this series played the top game. The first several games, garage is averaging 28. 3 points and several. 7 rebounds, 6 aids, shooting 40. 3% along with 35. 3% from 3, compared with the regular season shooting stage, a certain degree of decline, even so the game, garage completely crazy. The blazers in numerous players to hound him, but no one can certainly disturb his rhythm. Storage area, as it were, in the game again to find out "day day" feeling.

11 three-point brand out hand, hit kd" rel="nofollow">">kd shoes eight goals, including vast distances of three points. Wearing warriors baseball hat sitting inside stands to watch the actual old garage, it also appears to obtain son's playing god are some incredible performance. The lens towards the old garage, he could hardly help but shook his or her head.

Of course, whatever other people think, garage three points for his or her own performance with absolute confidence. In the 3 rd quarter the warriors along with 88-58 big lead the actual blazers, garage outside your three-point line again, the ball faraway from the one hand, this individual turned back field, the ball firmly in the basket, the whole pandemonium. Can put the three points on this state, the other bash can say what?

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After a brought the first curry" rel="nofollow">">curry shoes golf ball, a garage at your match: each other spelled out a perfect diamond the front, teammate Steve Blake flew that you follow up, left the clippers safeguard darren collison (microblogging) the distance between two steps powering their closely, Danny granger could be the only defender in pull. This is the shed superior court intuition and which embodies: his shot choice. He seems to comprehend the defensive player on the ideas, can predict their particular next move, then strike beforehand. "When other people are usually doing gesture, garage in judgment, and the game, this is Stephen is the better place, in this respect the league may be first rate. Find field space, know the place that the defense space will occur, it is the key on the art of his images. Because no matter just how good your shots, a lot more exquisite technology, no bedroom is useless. "ESPN's Jesse thorpe, once wrote within his article.

Garage cautiously stephen" rel="nofollow">">stephen curry shoes observing the defense, he also provide reason to be therefore cautious. Before this, the warriors have have missed 12 goals in 13 shots in the past, is now 33 to 37 behind the clippers, disturbed with the right leg muscle strain of garage after only one of 4. For car port himself, this ball is important: before a season, he hit an increasing in NBA history with 272 grains of about three points, if again proven three points today, his three points this year hit number will surpass 200 mark. So that library will become the sixth in a row has a minimum of two season hit 250 grains of three participants, at the same occasion, still can have a few points to continuous hit game streak always 54 games - it's going to be the warriors team history record.

"I like everything kevin" rel="nofollow">">kevin durant shoes relevant to the shooting, " garage once said in a interview, "but with the greatest especially in perfect hands posture. When your person is in good rhythm, from standing in the feet on a lawn, his hands to complete a shot, all series of joint actions will likely be calm and smooth, similar to waves. It's a superb feeling. ".

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